Iridescent Bike Bus flag on a Bike Beam LED Flag Pole Light

What’s new about biking to school this year

Biking to school is pretty much the first part of getting back into the school routine. In a week where some golden retriever failed to stop a bike thief and Portland gets ready for the World Naked Bike Ride, we're starting to head back to school. It feels different to be back at school, but as far as bike-related things go, not too much has changed.

Iridescent Bike Bus flag on a Bike Beam LED Flag Pole Light - used on our first day biking to school this year

There were a decent number of people biking to school

There appeared to be more parent bikes at the bike racks this year, but a similar number of kids' bikes. I saw more cargo bikes than I had before.  Lots of Tern bikes - 2 HSDs and one GSD. I saw an Xtracycle, a RAD, and a Surly Big Easy as well. I didn't see too many while biking to school, because I think that during the first few days of school everyone is feeling out their routines and some do a good job of getting to school early, and others get there a little late.

Some kids are ready for new bikes

A couple of kids in our kid's class are ready to move up to their next size bike. They're currently riding 20" bikes and are ready to start riding a 24" bike. Hopefully we can arrange for a few test rides for some of the 24" bikes already in our community. 20" bikes generally work for kids ages 6-9, and 24" for those 8-11 or 12 years of age. Some of the kids have younger siblings that are ready to move up to a 20" bike, so hand-me-downs work out.

I made a new Bike Bus flag

We'll be running our first Bike Bus of the year this week, and I made a flag out of iridescent material (PVC with a fabric backing?) and paint marker. Hopefully we'll all have a colorful time biking to school. I put it on my LED flag light and we'll soon have a couple more flags for adding to other Bike Beams.  It's really colorful and reflective, I just wish that I could see it easier while riding. It'll be easier to see how one looks when my kid is using one also.

I forgot about how erratically some people drive at school pickup/dropoff

There was a lot of darting into the bike lane or through the bike lane to reach a parallel parking spot. High stress and not good for someone riding a bike - you're riding in constant fear of the person driving next to you cutting you off and pulling out in front of you. School drop off culture still needs a lot of improvement.

It was nice to catch up with other parents

We talked about our summers, new classes, and what parents and kids had been up to over the summer break. One dad had gone to Spain and managed to have coffee with a Tour de France rider. I talked about our trip to Portland and how we got to bike around a ton with an Xtracycle and a folding Zizzo bike that I bought off of someone via Craigslist.



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