Bike Bus Bicycle Spoke Decoration

Fun Bicycle spoke decorations for your Bike Bus to school

Spoke decorations! To get ready to celebrate our Bike Bus for this upcoming fall, I made some spoke decorations to give to the kids as a celebration of our rides to school and as an incentive to continue doing so.

About our Bike Bus

We run our Bike Bus to school at least once per month, and more often when other kids decide that they want to join in. We have a rough schedule of "stops" and when we'll be there. Kids join in along the way, usually with parents, though some of the kids are now old enough to ride with less adult supervision.

It's the most fun and joyful way to get to school. You get to skip the car dropoff line, get healthy physical activity, hang out with friends, and help promote cleaner air, all at the same time.

About the spoke decorations

Bike Bus Bicycle Spoke Decorations

I give these spoke decorations out to kids who ride in our Bike Bus to attach to the spokes of their bicycle wheels. It's a fun little incentive that the kids like to collect and ride with.  These clip-on spoke decorations don't move up and down like spoke beads but generally stay stationary on a wheel.

Do you run a Bike Bus?

Please send me a message, I'd be happy to send you some complementary ones or at least offer a discount on a bulk purchase. Hopefully we can get more kids riding Bike Buses everywhere!



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