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Adams trail-a-bike replacement spacer shim for hitch

A replacement Trail-a-bike hitch seatpost shim to help fix your trailer

  Trail-a-bikes We use an Adams Trail-a-bike (aka Tag along, as some people call it) to tow our child occasionally.  It is kind of like a tandem bike attachment for kids. The steel hitch slides onto a seatpost, and clamps on via 2 bolts and a hex-wrench.  The other end of the hitch has a square-shaped key and a hole for adding a retaining pin to hold the trailer in place.  There are spacers included that fit in there for different seatpost diameters. We have a Weehoo trailer as well, and this shim should fit that hitch as well.  This may also work for other tag along bikes, like the Weeride Co-Pilot and the Kazam Co-pilot.  Both of those clamp onto the seatpost of the adult’s bike.   We sometimes swap the trailer between bikes. Unfortunately, the bikes have different […]

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