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Bike helmets on adult and child

Learning about bike helmets for different hair types

  Talking about Bike Helmets Every Friday afternoon on Mastodon, we have an online #BikeNite discussion about any topic that the Mastodon community chooses to talk about.  As a bike instructor, I see a lot of different people and helmets, and some combinations don’t work well together. My kid often can’t wear their hair in a ponytail because of the shape of their helmet. Another person I know has trouble fitting his helmet over his hair, and I’ve often seen similar situations come up with students, both adults and children, in our bike classes. I wanted to summarize some findings for future use and recommendation: So what did we learn about bike helmets? A lot of people have had helmet/hair struggles, so it was a good discussion. There are two main things that you can do if you have a […]

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