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A spoke guard / spoke cover for a rear bicycle wheel. 3D printed. Photo also shows a cassette and chain and spokes of the wheel.

3D printed bike spoke protector 15 months in

Almost a year and a half ago, the spoke protector on my rear bike wheel finished breaking I write “finished breaking” because it probably cracked a while back, and started to fall apart way earlier.  After a while, I noticed a rattling sound on my 20″ wheel and noticed that it had cracked. The crack turned to a fracture, and eventually it was rattling a lot more and I decided to take it off. Made of clear plastic, they clip onto the spokes of your rear wheel behind the cassette (or they clip onto the flange of your rear hub), and it looks like the tabs had first broken, and then all the extra movement quickened its downfall. The UV light from the sun probably made it brittle too. Why did I think I needed another spoke guard? The spoke […]

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