Bike Sight: AirTag Bike Mount and Anti-Theft Tracker



A hidden mount for your AirTag on your bike.

(pre-orders coming soon)

It helps track your bike, is hard to spot, and is made of sustainable materials in the USA.

This AirTag holder helps you track your bike in case of theft.  It uses the Apple AirTag network to help you quickly locate your bicycle.  The AirTag is hidden under your water bottle cage in the Bike Sight case.  It's designed with sustainable materials that are plant-based or compostable.


How do I install the Bike Sight?

See the detailed instructions for how to install the Bike Sight AirTag holder.

Know where your bike is for peace of mind. Or track it down if it's stolen or not where it's supposed to be.

Maybe you use your bike to commute to work. Or you take the kids to school on the back of your ebike.  Or run errands, ride for exercise, or just for fun.  Your bicycle is an investment worth protecting. You may already follow best practices for locking up. Adding an AirTag to your bike can confirm its location to give you more peace of mind.

The Kickstarter campaign has successfully funded, and preorders will be accepted after Kickstarter rewards are delivered.

See the Bike Sight AirTag mount on Kickstarter

Notes: The Air Tag is made by Apple and is required to track your bike.  This product may work with a Tile Sticker 2022. The dimensions indicate that it will work, but this has not been physically confirmed.


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