Personalized Spoke Decorations for Bicycles and Wheelchairs

Unique Designs for your Bicycle and Wheelchair wheels

When running our Kids Bike Bus and Bike Parade, we've found that kids really like being able to customize their cycles. The personalized spoke decorations I've made add a touch of personality to bicycles and wheelchair wheels. Whether you’re a bike shop owner or part of an organization, I can design and manufacture customized spoke decorations for wheels at low to mid-volumes.

A Success Story: Boom Boom Bike Room

I made custom spoke decorations for the Boom Boom Bike Room. They wanted to have a little something special to add to bikes that they restored.  We worked out a custom color and used their logo to create some great spoke art for their customers' wheels.

Spoke decorations for Bike Shops

You can give your customers something they won’t find elsewhere, and they can roll with your logo or messaging or iconography on their wheels.

Spoke decorations for organizations

You can add a memorable giveaway for a bicycle or wheelchair event with a custom spoke decoration, or show appreciation to special clients or employees.

Contact me if you'd like to commission a spoke art design

Send me a message and I'd be happy to chat about making something personalized for your needs.

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