A replacement Trail-a-bike hitch seatpost shim to help fix your trailer

  Trail-a-bikes We use an Adams Trail-a-bike (aka Tag along, as some people call it) to tow our child occasionally.  The steel hitch slides onto a seatpost, and clamps on via 2 bolts and a hex-wrench.  The other end of the hitch has a square-shaped key and a hole for adding a retaining pin to hold the trailer in place.  There are spacers included that fit in there for different seatpost diameters. We have a Weehoo trailer as well, and this shim should fit that hitch as well.   We sometimes swap the trailer between bikes. Unfortunately, the bikes have different seat post diameters.  I was trying to set up for a ride the other day and could not make the Trail-a-bike hitch fit onto the seat post. None of the included spacers either, which was pretty frustrating!  I may […]

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Photo of an Adams Trail-a-bike by citymama on flickr https://flic.kr/p/5P3u3A

How do you carry a child on a bike?

We didn’t own a car when our child was born.  That made the idea of running errands as a family much more complicated.  There are well-meaning laws in California and other states that require you to use a car seat to take your child home after they are born (assuming they are not born at home!).  Though apparently, the hospital is not allowed to deny discharge if you don’t take your child home in a car seat. A friend generously loaned us a car for a month.  Since we don’t drive much, we only used it for the trip to and from the hospital, and to meet up for a friend’s birthday at a cafe.  We live in a fairly urban area, so we were able to walk most other places we needed to go and transport our child via […]

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