Bike Beam LED Flag Pole Light FAQ

Bike Beam FAQ

Hi, here are some questions (and answers) people have asked about the Bike Beam LED flag pole light.

Can I add my own flag to the LED pole?

Yes, you can. The pole is bout 8mm or 3/8" in diameter, so your flag sleeve should be large enough to fit over the pole. I ship the Bike Beam lights with a grommet to stop the flag from sliding down the pole. You can slide that to whatever height you'd like. Then you can remove the protective top piece, slide on the flag, and then add the protective topper back to the top of the pole. Be sure to be careful with the light wires inside the pole.

How long is the Bike Beam light and rod?

The light pole itself is 1 meter long (39"). The battery compartment and the attachment rod is 1/4" in diameter and designed to fit in a standard bicycle flag mount. The total length of the light pole and the battery and attachment rod is about 1.15m or 45".

I ride a recumbent tricycle and need the LED whip to be higher off of the ground. How do I do this?

I don't yet have an extension kit available. Since the base of the Bike Beam is a 1/4" rod, it will attach to a coupling from a standard bike flag light. These often come in sections, and you can use a section of one to extend the height of the Bike Beam LED light.  A customer has successfully done this with their ICE recumbent trike.

How much does the Bike Beam LED light weigh, without the flag?

The weight is about 6 oz or 170g.

How does the Bike Beam LED light fare in winds and at speed?

The coupling in the middle is designed to flex and can wave in the wind. If you don't have a flag installed, I don't expect it to bend much. We have tested the Bike Beam pole light on a bicycle rack on a bus at ~60mph, and it did not flex much, with the caveat being that since the bicycle was on a rack at the front of the bus, it's likely that the wind speed was lower.

I've also ridden my bicycle with mine installed downhill at 35+ mph, but I was not able to observe it of course, and my body may have acted as a windbreak so that the LED flag pole did not see the full wind speed.

How do you power it up?

There is a button at the base of the battery holder. You press it to turn it on. A short press will change colors or blink mode. A long press will turn it back off.

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