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Riding with the kid in the rain

Making it fun: How we bike with our kid in the rain

Biking in the Rain with a Kid Our family doesn’t own a car, so when it rains we often have to still ride our bikes.  This sometimes can present challenges when riding with a kid.  The rain has returned, at least temporarily, in the Bay Area.  So we got out our waterproof outerwear for the rides to school and back.  Here is how we bike in the rain. What we do (for the adults) I’ve been bike commuting to school/work for nearly 20 years now, and my bikes and gear have evolved considerably.  Here is my current setup for biking in the rain: On the Bike Fenders: I have the type that mount to eyelets on the bike and cover a lot of the wheel.  Some of the temporary solutions work ok, but it’s nice having more wheel coverage.  I […]

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