How to install your Bike Sight AirTag mount

Bike Sight Assembly Diagram

Watch this Bike Sight installation video or read the steps below.

Tools needed:

You will need 3mm-sized Allen/hex wrench to attach the screws.

Step 1: Decide where you want to mount your Bike Sight AirTag holder

The Bike Sight will fit on any standard water bottle mount.  These are set up for screws that are 64mm (about 2.5 inches) apart.  This can vary from 63mm to 65mm depending on the manufacturer, and the Bike Sight can accommodate.  You can measure your bike to confirm, but you probably won't need to.

Look for two holes (or two screws) like this:

Bike Sight AirTag mount: Water bottle mounting locations

Many bikes can have 1, 2, or more sets of water bottle mounts.

Step 2: Pair your AirTag with your iOS device

The Apple AirTag sells for between about $25 and $29 each, depending on how many you buy.

Setup should take about 1 minute.  

Here's how it works:

  • Place the AirTag near your phone
  • Remove the plastic battery tab from the AirTag.
  • Press the connect button on your phone's screen and give your AirTag a name.

You can view Apple’s official instructions here.

Or you can watch their official video:

Note: I recommend the following settings:

  • Notify when Found: Disabled (unless your bike has been stolen and you need to find it)
  • Notify when Left Behind: Enabled except at home location
  • Lost mode: Disabled (This will notify others nearby that your bike is lost)

Step 3: Put your AirTag inside the Bike Sight AirTag mount

The AirTag should fit snugly inside of the Bike Sight shell and gasket.

Inserting the AirTag into the Bike Sight AirTag mount for bicycles

Close the Bike Sight. Note the alignment tabs: they oppose one another.  The Bike Sight only closes one way!

Bike Sight AirTag holder: Alignment Tabs

Step 4: Attach the Bike Sight using the included screws

You can attach the Bike Sight under your water bottle cage, or just in place of a water bottle cage if you do not have one installed.  If you opted for the security screw set, you can use those screws with the included security wrench.  Otherwise, use a 3mm allen/hex wrench.

Place the included screws through the water bottle cage and Bike Sight (use the security screws if you purchased the add-on).

Inserting screws into the Bike Sight AirTag holder

If you don't have a water bottle cage, or don't want to put the Bike Sight underneath one, you don't have to:

Bike Sight AirTag holder: Mounting without a water bottle cage


Step 5: Enjoy the peace of mind!

To check for the location of your bike, open the Find My app.  Choose Items, and your bike should be listed and shown on a map.

Thank you for purchasing this product.

Troubleshooting and FAQ

Does it matter which way I put the AirTag in the Bike Sight?

It doesn't matter too much. It is a little easier to remove in the future if you put the metal side up in the gasket.

The gasket fell out. How do I put it back in?

Put the wider end of the gasket towards the base of the Bike Sight shell.  Apply gentle pressure with one hand, and use a fingernail with your other hand to gently guide the gasket into place.

How to install the weatherproofing gasket in the Bike Sight AirTag mount



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