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Non-functioning Beg Button / HAWK beacon at North Berkeley BART

Why Beg Buttons are Bad for People who Bike and Walk

  (full video below) If you ride a bike or walk on our nation’s roads, you’ve probably encountered beg buttons at some point. They are buttons that you have to push to get a walk or bike signal at an intersection.  They are supposed to make traffic flow more smoothly.. for cars.  They do the opposite for people who are not driving, and clearly indicate the hierarchy of your city’s transportation priorities. A few weeks ago, I was riding towards home near North Berkeley BART.  There’s been a considerable change to the bike infrastructure here, but the end result (or current result?) is something that is not usable. Here, I waited through a light cycle for a green light to continue across the road and onto the bike path, but I never received a green signal. I read the sign: […]

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