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A bike with the Argo Cargo Bike Kit installed in Oakland

Nice Bikes: An Argo Cargo Bike kit in Oakland that converts your bike into a practical front loader

An Argo Cargo Bike at the park Bike adventures are big fun.  Bike adventures with kids are even better.  I’d seen the original Argo Cargo bike Kickstarter for their “Lift” product and thought it was a neat idea to be able to turn any “regular” bike into a front-loading cargo bike.  They had a successful campaign and raised $105,429 for their front-loading cargo bike conversion kit.  Many front-loading cargo bikes cost $3000+, so a kit that adds on to an existing bike for $1149 is compelling. The Argo Cargo bike attaches mainly at the front fork and the bottom bracket, and requires a minor modification to the brake cables to connect your brake lever to the brake on the front wheel. I saw a parent ride in on their Argo Cargo Bike with their kids in the front, and asked […]

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