Innovative bike tracking: Deter theft with an AirTag bike mount?

Bike theft sucks. Your bike is probably really special to you, and your financial investment is worth protecting.  A bike AirTag mount can help.  When I first moved to the area, I was so worried about theft, that I bought a second “beater” bike to get around town. I bought a good U-lock to lock my frame and a cable to deter a theft from stealing the wheels.  I even bought a smaller cable to keep the seatpost in place. To prevent theft when locking: Use a good lock Ideally the lock will be strong and thick enough to resist bending or cutting with a saw or angle grinder. The key and shackle mechanism should also be resistant to tampering.  The lock should go through a part of your frame (not just the wheel!) so that, assuming the lock is […]

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