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Flat tires suck

Flat tires suck

Flat tires suck. I took my child to get a flu shot the other day (not a great experience!).  On the way out, we had to hop a curb because there were no curb cutouts nearby.  My child went off the curb and then said “Daddy, there’s a problem.”  I looked back, and indeed, the rear wheel was completely flat.  That’s some insult-to-injury type stuff right there.  It was kind of funny though.  Luckily, I usually carry a tool kit with a patch kit and a pump with me, so I was able to fix it pretty quickly. On flats in general I don’t know if it’s just Oakland and Berkeley streets, but two friends have gotten flat tires recently on their cargo e-bikes.  I saw one of them on the sidewalk on the way to school pickup.  He was […]

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