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Lots of flashing to clean up, but interesting results. Air vents and molding sprues can be seen here too.

Behind the scenes: Molding silicone shapes and using a 3D printer to create cavities

I’m trying to make riding bikes as a family easier for everyone.  One project that I’m working on is building a light to help keep riders (especially smaller ones) more visible when it’s dark. Making prototypes of flexible shapes While working on the prototype bike lights, I needed to make some flexible shapes to connect poles together and to act as a soft bumper to protect one from any pokey parts. After some research on DIY silicone molding, I found that silicone rubber is a relatively friendly material to work with and was easily to buy. I bought a small trial kit to try making some parts.  (I found that it seems way more common for people to use silicone rubber to create the mold cavities themselves, such as in this Makerbot tutorial.  Here’s an example of someone working on […]

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