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Flags for bicycles: A Pedalpalooza Pennant

It’s Pedalpalooza in Portland. We love using their pennant as a flag for bicycles!

Pedalpalooza is an amazing summer full of bike rides Described as “a festival of bike fun” and “three whole months of fun on two wheels”, Pedalpalooza is 3 months worth of hundreds of bike rides and bike-related activities.  The Pedalpalooza calendar features 2 to 20+ rides per day with all types of themes.  There’s a Pride ride, coffee rides, Bike Play performances (often-musical theater experiences), mural rides, cargo bike rides.. it really feels endless. Last year while visiting Portland, we went to a kids clown ride with Olive and Dingo, and the Foster Night Ride. The Pedalpalooza pennant makes for a fun flag for bicycles We’re celebrating Pedalpalooza remotely with our pennant.  I mounted it on our bicycle flag light.  We live in Oakland though and only get to visit Portland once per year.  But we knew we could still […]

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