Bike Sight: An AirTag holder for your bike (AirTag Bike Mount)

Our Better AirTag Bike Mount Kickstarter is now live for 30 days

An AirTag Bike Mount that helps you track your bike's location

We've just launched our mini-Kickstarter project for the Bike Sight, an AirTag bike mount that hides under your water bottle cage. You can place your AirTag (sold separately) inside, and then be able to track the location of your bike using Apple's vast FindMy network.  This works on Apple iOS devices only.

Your iPhone can detect the AirTag in your bike up to 33 feet away. If you are farther away from your bike (like when locking up for example) any adjacent Apple iOS devices (there are at least 113 million in the USA) can confirm its location for you and update it in the FindMy app accordingly.

If your bike somehow moves without you, you can opt to receive a notification in the FindMy app if your bike has been "left behind".

Support bike education while minimizing your environmental impact

The Bike Sight AirTag mount is made of plant-based and compostable materials, has good weatherproofing, and extra funds support kids bike education and advocacy efforts.  These efforts include lights for kids and community members, supplies such as chalk and cones for kids bike education, and other fun giveaways for the kids such as spoke decorations and stickers.

The Bike Sight is made in the USA and will be shipped in recyclable/compostable packaging to minimize the environmental impact of shipping.

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