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How to attach a bike flag (Bike Beam)


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How to attach a bike flag, a guide

Bicycle safety is probably a top priority for you, and one way to increase your visibility is to attach a bike safety flag.

Where do I mount the bike safety flag?

Attaching the bike safety flag is a relatively simple process. First, you need to choose a suitable location to mount the bicycle flag.  The Bike Beam comes with either a rack mount or axle mount.  But you can also attach it to a trailer.  Other safety flags usually come with an axle mount or can also fit into the bike flag mounting hole of a trailer.  You'll usually want the flag at the rear of your bike.

Different types of bike flag mounts

Photo of an Adams Trail-a-bike by citymama on flickr
Photo of an Adams Trail-a-bike by citymama on flickr

There are 3 main types of bike flag mounts:

Axle or quick release bike flag mount:

Bike light - metal mounting bracket
Bike light - metal mounting bracket

This usually consists of a metal bracket that slides under the axle nut or quick release nut of the bike's rear axle.  This is popular for many bicycle riders because it's easy to install and remove.  You simply loosen the quick release or axle nut by about a millimeter, then slide the bracket in.  Then tighten the axle nut or quick release.  The metal bracket has holes for the base of the flagpole to slide into.  The Bike Beam has a standard bicycle safety flag base and comes with one of these types of brackets.

Mount a bike flag on a bike rack

Bike light rack mount
Bike light rack mount

If your bike has a rear rack, you can attached the flag to it by using flexible straps.  These can be included with the Bike Beam flag pole light as well.  If you want to attach a bike flag to your stroller, you may also want to attach it this way.

Trailers that have a flag mount holes

Adult bike with Adams Trail-A-Bike attached for carrying a child
Adult bike with Adams Trail-A-Bike attached for carrying a child

Most child trailers and some cargo trailers will have a hole at the base that is made to fit a standard 1/4" bike flag base.  The Adams Trail a Bike has a flag mount welded onto the frame for this purpose, and ours came with a flag.

Our Thule Chariot trailer had a sleeve that a flag pole could slide into. Most InStep trailers ship with a flag included.  Burley trailers sometimes come with a flag mount.

Tools you will need to attach a bike flag

To attach a bike flag, you might need a few tools, depending on your setup.

Adjustable wrench (to attach a bike flag) (Photo by Recha Oktaviani on Unsplash)
Adjustable wrench (Photo by Recha Oktaviani on Unsplash)

If your bike has axle nuts: you will need a standard crescent wrench to loosen the nut and install the bracket.

If you bike has a quick release axle: you probably will not need a tool at all.  You can just open the quick release lever, loosen it a bit, insert the bracket, tighten, and then close the lever.

If you are strapping the bike flag to a rack: You just need some sort of strap.  These can be included with the Bike Beam, or you can use other flexible straps that are available.  Zip ties may also work, though I recommend flexible straps so that there's some "give" in case the flag snags on something.

If you are attaching to a trailer: You won't need a tool for this if your trailer has a hole for the bike safety flag.  Gravity and friction hold the flag in place.

How to make sure the bike flag is secure

Once the bicycle safety flag is in place, give it a little wiggle or a gentle tug.  It should wave a bit but should not wiggle excessively.

Thanks for reading

Bike Beam in Red
Bike Beam in Red


I hope this has been helpful in showing you ways you can attach a bike safety flag.  If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below.

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