Watermelon spoke decoration / spoke bead / charm

9 fun favorite spoke decorations from this summer

I made spoke decorations to add a little fun to our kids' bikes for our bike parades and our Bike Bus. Here are some of the recent spoke decorations I've made over the summer and a little about each one.  These are fun ways to decorate and personalize your bike and hopefully make nice little gifts for kids that celebrate riding a bike and being active outdoors.

9 summer bike spoke decorations

Cute Boba Tea bicycle spoke decoration for wheels Getting Boba is a nice treat during or after a good bike ride, especially for the kid. I decided to combine boba and biking with this spoke decoration. It's a cute drawing of a boba drink, complete with straw and pearls.







I made these Bike Bus Spoke Decorations to celebrate our Bike Bus. I made a bunch and also sent some out to the awesome people who run the Montclair Bike Bus, to Coach Balto, and to the Metzger Bike Bus families. We are riding our Bike Bus in Oakland every Wednesday!!






Pepperoni Pizza bike spoke decoration with drippy cheese. Clips onto bike spokes.We usually get pizza and hang out after each bike parade. I made a pizza spoke decoration with drippy cheese to celebrate this. The toppings are pepperoni or tomato, your choice. We usually order from Sliver, so our pizzas often have tomato on top instead.






Ice cream spoke decoration for bicycle wheels - Painted interior and edgesAnother fun destination after a bike adventure: The ice cream shop. Or sometimes it's the frozen yogurt shop.  Our kid will happily ride 5-6 miles if it involves seeing a friend and getting ice cream together. This spoke decoration is a scoop of ice cream in a waffle cone, with just a little bit of drip.





Popsicle / ice pop spoke decoration for bike wheelsMy kid wanted to get in on the design action and made this popsicle spoke decoration. This is a fun and cute one that brings to mind a favorite summer treat.






Heart spoke decoration for bicycle wheel spokes. Blue color, plant based plastic. Accessory clips on bike spokes. Made in USAPutting a heart on your bike wheel is a great literal way to share your love of biking.






Pink donut with sprinkles hand painted bike spoke decorationI've been known to have a sweet tooth, but haven't eaten too many donuts lately. I put one on my bike wheel though. This yummy spoke decoration looks like a donut with pink icing and rainbow sprinkles.





Latte art spoke decoration for bicycle wheels (painted)You can also add some latte art to your bike wheel. While the kids might want to bike to ice cream, I like to bike to coffee. Most bike rides are #coffeeneuring rides for me.





Watermelon spoke decoration / spoke bead / charmWhile ice cream and popsicles are fun frozen treats, nature's own watermelon (ok, highly aided by humans over the centures) is a summery sweet treat. This watermelon slice bike spoke decoration is hand-painted to look like a real slice. It's complete with the rind, flesh, and black seeds.

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