Flags for bicycles: A Pedalpalooza Pennant

It’s Pedalpalooza in Portland. We love using their pennant as a flag for bicycles!

Flags for bicycles: A Pedalpalooza Pennant
Flags for bicycles: A Pedalpalooza Pennant

Pedalpalooza is an amazing summer full of bike rides

Described as "a festival of bike fun" and "three whole months of fun on two wheels", Pedalpalooza is 3 months worth of hundreds of bike rides and bike-related activities.  The Pedalpalooza calendar features 2 to 20+ rides per day with all types of themes.  There's a Pride ride, coffee rides, Bike Play performances (often-musical theater experiences), mural rides, cargo bike rides.. it really feels endless.

Last year while visiting Portland, we went to a kids clown ride with Olive and Dingo, and the Foster Night Ride.

The Pedalpalooza pennant makes for a fun flag for bicycles

We're celebrating Pedalpalooza remotely with our pennant.  I mounted it on our bicycle flag light.  We live in Oakland though and only get to visit Portland once per year.  But we knew we could still celebrate in spirit with t-shirts and the 2022 Pedalpalooza pennant.  It's big, bold and bright, and made in the USA and screen printed in Portland.  It flaps around in the wind nicely to make a great flag for bicycles with a lot of dynamic visibility.



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