Kid riding with Bike Beam LED glow sticks / LED staff on their bicycles

Fun times riding bikes home with our LED glow sticks

Kid riding with Bike Beam LED glow sticks / LED staff on their bicycles

Fall just started, and that means that the light changes the fastest during this time of the year. So it's easy to notice it getting dark earlier.  We lingered for a while, and it was dark by the time we left our last Kids Bike Parade which gave us an opportunity to light up the LED staff aka Bike Beams.

Why I like these LED glow sticks

Compared to other similar LED staff lights, I like the Bike Beam because 7 colors are included, and you can switch colors just by pressing a button. No app or remote control is needed to change the color of the LEDs.

Also, the whole LED light pole is powered by a rechargeable battery that you can plug in to any USB port. Some other glow staffs use coin cell batteries or a separate battery pack that you need to mount externally.

The Bike Beam is also more affordable, at half the price of similar options like other glow staffs or bike flag pole lights.  We put flags on ours to maintain visibility during the daytime as well.

It's a fun way to keep your cargo bike or kids bikes way more visible at night. I'm looking forward to more night rides!


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