Lemond Prolog E-Bike

Nice Bikes: A Lemond Prolog spotted in Oakland (An attractive, stealthy e-bike)

Lemond Prolog E-Bike
Lemond Prolog E-Bike


The Lemond Prolog is an e-bike that doesn't look like an ebike.

I spotted this Lemond Prolog last month in North Oakland, parked on the sidewalk.  It is an attractive, good looking bike, launched last fall, that I had only see photos of online.  Lemond has done a remarkable job of designing the Prolog so that you have to look very hard to find clues that it's an ebike.  The motor is a small rear hub motor that is only a bit larger than a traditional hub. The other clues are the integrated rear lights in the seat stays and the power button on the top tube. It's on the pricier end of a single person eBike at $4500.

It doesn't weigh as much as an eBike either

Lemond also managed to keep the weight extremely low, at 26 pounds.  The Lemond Prolog might be the lightest eBike out there.  This is probably possible with a smaller motor and less battery.  And definitely made possible by a custom all-carbon fiber frame.    The motor is "only" a 250 watt motor and the batteries provide 45 miles of range.  But since the bike is so light, maybe you won't need much of a boost to get around.  It comes with a headlight built into its integrated carbon headset and stem.  It has custom carbon fenders that match very well with the frame, and an 11-speed electronic drivetrain.

Lemond also makes a dutch version of their e-bike with equally stunning looks and a matching basket and rear rack.

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