Trail-a-bike thinner replacement shim 34.5mm ID (Free download)

This is a 3d printable file for a spacer for a Adams trail-a-bike or Weehoo trailer.

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A spacer for the trail-a-bike hitch

A new spacer is a simple part to design, so I made my own that you can download if you need one.  I made this for a seatpost with a 30.6mm diameter.


I’m making this available without warranty etc, so if you choose to print and use this you accept all responsibility for the use of the part!


  • Inner diameter: 34.5mm
  • Outer diameter: 37.6mm
  • The file is in STL format.

Why did I make this?

Here’s an explanation and a bit about our experience with the Adams Trail-a-bike.


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