Factory 2nd Bike Sight: AirTag Bike Mount Anti-Theft Tracker (Scratch and dent)


These are factory 2nds: cosmetically challenged Bike Sights that didn’t pass all of the quality tests.  May include cosmetic blemishes and the gaskets may not be fully functional.  They are guaranteed to still hold your AirTag on your bike, but may not be as weatherproof or nice-looking.

Easily and affordably track your bike with this light, near-invisible AirTag bike mount. Made in the USA of bio-based & biodegradable materials.


  • Factory 2nd Bike Sight AirTag Holder
  • Weather Sealing Gasket (fit not guaranteed, but the Bike Sight will still hold your AirTag regardless)
  • 2× Stainless Steel Hex Screw (25mm length)

In stock (can be backordered)


A hidden mount for your AirTag on your bike.

It helps track your bike, is hard to spot, and is made of sustainable materials in the USA.

This AirTag holder helps you track your bike in case of theft.  It uses the Apple AirTag network to help you quickly locate your bicycle.

Where can you put an Air Tag on a bike?

The Bike Sight that holds the Apple AirTag is hidden under your water bottle cage.  It's designed with sustainable materials that are plant-based or compostable.


  • Bike Sight AirTag Holder
  • Weather Sealing Gasket
  • 2× Stainless Steel Hex Screw (25mm length)


Already have your Bike Sight AirTag mount?

See the detailed instructions for how to install the Bike Sight AirTag holder.

Know where your bike is for peace of mind. Or track it down if it's stolen or not where it's supposed to be.

Maybe you use your bike to commute to work. Or you take the kids to school on the back of your ebike.  Or run errands, ride for exercise, or just for fun.  Your bicycle is an investment worth protecting. You may already follow best practices for locking up. Adding an AirTag to your bike can confirm its location to give you more peace of mind.

This project successfully was launched on Kickstarter!

Thank you to all of the Kickstarter backers who helped make this product happen.

Notes: The Air Tag is made by Apple and is required to track your bike.  This product may work with a Tile Sticker 2022. The dimensions indicate that it will work, but this has not been physically confirmed.

A quick list of features:

  • Mounts your AirTag on your bike
  • Fits under your bike water bottle holder
  • Works with Apple's FindMy network as a GPS tracker for anti-theft
  • Hidden from view
  • Factory 2nd, so it may not be as weatherproof as the regular Bike Sight
  • May have cosmetic defects, and the gasket may not form a perfect seal, but guaranteed to mount your AirTag on your bike
Childrens Bike Education Classes

Support Bike Communities

Funds from sales of the Bike Sight support kids on bikes.  As a licensed cycling instructor, I work with our local bike coalitions to teach people how to ride. We also teach road safety skills to those who already ride. I volunteer with the Safe Routes to School program to lead our Bike Bus to school. It's a fun, safe, and eco-friendly way to travel to school

Your bike is worth protecting

This is the Bike Sight: an AirTag holder that helps you track your bike's location with your Apple iPhone. It's inexpensive, effective, well-hidden, and weather resistant. It’s designed for sustainability, and made in the USA.

Whether you use your bike to get to work, take the kids to school, run errands, exercise, or just for fun, your bicycle is an investment worth protecting. You may already follow best practices for locking up. Adding an AirTag to your bike can let you be sure of its location to give you more peace of mind.

Bike Sight - hidden AirTag holder for bicycles
The Bike Sight AirTag Holder for a bike fits standard water bottle mounts"
The Bike Sight is weatherproof, to protect your AirTag from water ingress while on your bike"

Why build this?

Our family uses our bikes to get around, and more people are doing the same.  We can get healthy exercise and take climate action by reducing our car trips.  The proliferation of wonderful ebikes makes it even easier to take the bike instead of a car.

A photo from one of our Bike Parades

Your bike might be your family's primary mode of transport.  And that can be a lot to lose if your bike is stolen.  Using good locks and technique are important.  Adding a tracker provides an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

GPS trackers previously could handle this task, but there were issues.  They work like mini cell phones that send wireless data or SMS messages to broadcast their location. They are expensive and come with the monthly fees similar to a text or data plan.

Apple launched the AirTag in 2021.  Any AirTag can be located by its owner through Apple’s Find My network.  It uses a Bluetooth signal and the hundreds of millions of Apple devices around us.  Each one helps crowdsource the geolocation of AirTags.

An AirTag mount for your bike can help you find your bike quickly

Designed for Sustainability

The outer shell of the Bike Sight is made from plant-based Professional PLA.  It is stronger and stiffer than other comparable fossil-derived plastics.  This Professional PLA blend is less brittle and 5x tougher than traditional PLA.  After printing, the parts undergo an annealing process for strength and temperature stability.

Bike Sight AirTag holder parts diagram

A flexible plastic, PBAT, helps keep the AirTag protected and dry.  PBAT biodegrades in soil with the presence of microbes.  Many compostable bags are made of this material.

Long-lasting stainless steel screws attach the Bike Sight to your bike.

Shipping and packaging materials are paper-based and recyclable to further reduce landfill waste.

All of these aspects of the Bike Sight have been thoughtfully considered to minimize its environmental impact.

Bike Sight - hidden AirTag holder for bicycles

Made in the USA

There’s a notion that making things in America is expensive, but this isn’t always true.

Making the Bike Sight in-house allows for better process control. This can reduce delays and errors between parties and keep costs down.

It's optimized for 3D printing. This avoids the expensive and time-consuming setup and tooling associated with injection molding.

Support community biking

The Bike Sight will help deter bike theft and aid bike recovery.  As consumers and backers, we sometimes can control where our money goes.

You might not want your money to go to a giant company Funds raised for this project will be used directly to manufacture the Bike Sight, assemble kits, package, and ship.  Proceeds will help fund bicycle advocacy efforts and related projects.

Bike Sight - hidden AirTag holder for bicycles



  •  Weight: 17.5g (including screws)
  •  Height: 10.5mm
  •  Length: 75mm
  •  Width: 37mm
  •  Fits nearly all standard bikes and electric bikes/ebikes
  •  Mounting hole distance: 63mm to 65mm
  •  Screws (hex): Stainless Steel, M5x25mm (5mm diameter, hex/allen head)
  •  Screws (security add-on): Stainless Steel, M5x25mm (5mm diameter, 6-lobe pin head)
  •  Inner cavity dimensions: 33mm diameter, 8.4mm deep
  •  Fits inside: Apple AirTag (*may fit Tile Sticker 2022, yet to be verified)


  •  Maximum range: 33 feet (up to 100ft in open air)
  •  iPhone only (limited functionality is possible on Android with the Tracker Detect app)


  •  Shell: Professional PLA blend (plant-based, compostable in some municipal facilities)
  •  Waterproof gasket: PBAT (biodegradable in soil)
  •  Screws: Stainless steel
  •  Wrench: Zinc-plated steel


  • Weatherproof
  • Temperature range: -4F to 140F

Additional information

Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 cm


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