Bike Sight AirTag mount: hidden on the bike

Hiding my AirTag on my bike: 6 months in with the AirTag bike mount

(can you see the AirTag above? It's hidden under the water bottle.)

6 months in: How's the bike AirTag holder?

The Bike Sight AirTag mount has been working great.  It's been through 2 or 3 atmospheric rivers so far (so a ton of rain) and I haven't had to touch it.

Physically, how is the AirTag bike mount doing?

I haven't had to touch it it at all, but visually it looks great. I'm confident that there's been no water ingress due to the weatherproofing gasket.  I forget that it's there most of the time.  I also don't really notice it because it's hidden under the water bottle cage.

When do I use the AirTag with my bike?

I find myself using the AirTag when I have left my bike parked somewhere for a while and just want to make sure the bike is still where I left it.  For example, if I'm dining somewhere, sometimes I'll check the FindMy app sometime during the meal just to make sure.  But other than that, thankfully, I haven't needed to use it much. (Three of our bike-riding-friends have had bikes stolen recently and they still can't ride with us now.  So maybe that makes me a little more concerned about bicycle theft than most?)

What's the next bike AirTag holder milestone?

Apple cites "more than a year" of battery life, so at some point I expect to get a low battery warning at some point in time.  If your AirTag battery is low, you will be able to see the "Low Battery" notification in the FindMy app.

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