Rivendell Susie W Longbolts Frame with a Child Trailer

Nice bikes: A Rivendell Susie W. Longbolts with a childrens bike trailer

Rivendell Susie W Longbolts Frame with a Child Trailer
Rivendell Susie W Longbolts Frame with a Child Bike Trailer

Riding in style in Berkeley's Elmwood District

I came across this beautiful Susie W. Longbolts bike made by Rivendell Bike Works in Berkeley the other day.  The Susie W. Longbolts is a lighter duty "Hillibike", which Rivendell describes as their steel-framed bikes, with longer chainstays and wheelbases made to absorb bumps better for trail riding and road touring.  The bikes also feature room for big tires and higher handlebars.  The name "Susie W. Longbolts" is an anagram of Gus Boots-Willsen, a similar but slightly heavier-duty bike of theirs. They look way more stable on bumpy surfaces than a road bike would be.

The parents had set it up with chunky tires and a child bike trailer to tow their kid and scooter around in style.

I’m trying to make it easier for families to ride bikes together by sharing experiences and developing helpful products.

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